France is now allowing events to take place across the country, with an upper limit on attendance of 5,000 people.

Official government guidelines say that “strict health rules apply for shows, cinemas, casinos and so on. Nightclubs remain closed. Stadiums and racing tracks may reopen to the public from 11 July.”

All of the types of event listed above will be capped at 5,000 attendance. Contact sports are not currently allowed, but individual sports have been given the go ahead. Team sports must respect specific sanitary protocols.

Travel to France is also possible without any restriction from countries in the European Zone, although quarantine measures remain in force for travellers for the UK.

In light of the lifted restrictions, a smaller scale version of Lollapalooza Paris will be taking place on 19 July.

The event is being styled as a ‘picnic’, and will require visitors to stay in their designated areas, marked out using picnic blankets. The event is partnering with fashion house Balmain – which is providing the blankets – and champagne producer Veuve Clicquot.

Tickets for the event are on sale at the Balmain website. Proceeds will go to the Global Fund’s Covid-19 response, partnered with HIV/AIDS charity (RED).

Angelo Gopee, General Manager of Live Nation France, commented: “The confluence of Balmain and Lollapalooza was obvious. It will celebrate a certain French art of living in an exceptional summer setting.”