UK artist trade body the Featured Artists Coalition (FAC) said 400 venues have signed up to its campaign to stop charging commission on artists merchandise, following its launch in January.

The 100% Venues directory was launched by FAC to spotlight venues that charge zero commission on merchandise sales, allowing artists to take home 100% of the revenue earned.

FAC said the current system has been a prevalent issue in the music industry for several years and no changes have been made to date to improve the situation.

The campaign has been supported by former Joy Division and New Order bassist Peter Hook and The Charlatans’ Tim Burgess. The Music Venue Trust and Independent Venue Week have also shown support.

FAC CEO David Martin said although progress was encouraging, more venues still need to sign up for the campaign to prove successful.

Martin told the NME, “The discussion regarding punitive fees on merchandise sales is now very much a public one, with fans increasingly voicing their displeasure at such practices. The FAC will continue to advocate for a fairer approach and a more equitable system that allows artists to develop and grow.”