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Glasgow’s Sub Club reached a target of £150,000 on Crowdfunder within less than six hours, which will be used to prevent the club from permanently closing.

The ‘Save Our Sub’ (SOS) campaign has currently raised £170,000 from almost 4,000 supporters, and has 27 days left to reach its stretch goal of £300,000.

The venue managers, writing on Crowdfunder, said: “We have faced countless other challenges over the years…However, none of these situations hold a candle to the existential threat that the Covid-19 pandemic currently poses to the Sub Club, and indeed to Club Culture as a whole around the globe.”

“The level of UK Government support has fallen woefully short of what is required to protect the future of the Sub Club. We are very aware that many people are experiencing real financial difficulty, and for some the threat to their health and wellbeing is profound. We have had to think long and hard before reaching out to ask for your help.

“Nevertheless, if we want to Save Our Sub we find ourselves in a situation where we have to ask for your support.”

Sub Club is one of Scotland’s most famous electronic music venues, having been open since 1987. The venue hosts techno, house, electro, disco, bass and many other kinds of electronic music.

The venue says it was told it “didn’t meet the eligibility criteria for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, as our payroll information had been uploaded one day late. It’s important to note the cutoff date within the eligibility criteria was applied retrospectively, so this was not a mistake on our part. It was a failure on the HMRC system which has caused us to be barred from the scheme.”

Following reaching its £150,000 target, the venue managers added an update to the Crowdfunder, which read: “We are overwhelmed with your support that has allowed us to reach our Initial Target in less than 6 hours!!! Full transparency statement coming shortly.”