Ghostwriter Consultancy & Events has appointed a new general venue business manager and a marketing coordinator to bolster its venue and events portfolio.

Ade Dovey (pictured left) has been appointed as general venue business manager with direct responsibility for Marble Factory (cap. 1,350) in Bristol, while Nina Burrell (right) joins as marketing coordinator to support Ghostwriter’s venue estate and wider projects.

The appointments come after Ghostwriter recently extended its partnership with Marble Factory, part of the same complex as nightclub Motion (4,000). Ghostwriter commercial director Carl Bathgate said significant financial investments have been made by both partners to enhance the in‐house production with audio and lighting upgrades arriving in the coming weeks.

Director of events Richard Maides said, “[Dovey] brings considerable experience from his previous key operational and programming roles in the industry. Being a respected promoter and a first-class creative venue manager [Dovey] is a welcome addition to our team. His success evolving unique venue spaces such as The Deaf Institute, Gorilla and The Albert Hall in Manchester demonstrated to us that he was the perfect fit for our aims in Bristol.”

Bathgate said Burrell will support Ghostwriter’s promoting department Pink Dot and other brands such as Live After Racing, along with its partner venues and the promoters and artists that choose to use them: “This new role acknowledges the importance of a coherent marketing strategy across all platforms both online and in print media and the added value they can deliver across all facets of our business and its creation very much reflects that.

“Nina joins us with a host of marketing experience at both Silverbean Marketing Agency and SSD Concerts where she held various marketing and PR roles. We look forward to working alongside her in order to strengthen the marketing support we can offer to our artists, clients, brands and partners.”