Falcon is a new kid on the events block, combining years of top-level cleaning pedigree with modern technical innovations. Access talks to Stuart Jackson, managing director, Falcon Cleaning and Support Services.


How and when did Falcon get into the festival market?

I started Falcon in March 2018. The business took off during a discussion with the the brains behind Winterville when we dropped the idea of a standalone business into the conversation. I’ve always been in the cleaning industry (check office cleaning services ) , specialising in one-off bespoke stuff for events. I handled events including Bulldog Bash in Stratford Airfield and Gods Kitchen.

We are a family company that stays onsite at an event 100% of the time. We live on site if needs be. For example, at Winterville we lived in a local B&B, and always strived to give the personal touch. I’m looking years down the line now to get major contracts, and am making big strides to get the word out.


What are your company’s specialisms?

I gained a lot of technical experience working at BP’s head office, and gained us ISO 14001, and won a few awards in the Clean It Awards. A friend always pushed me to do more, and when we met up with Winterville the opportunity was perfect. We’re discerning in the staff we use. I also gained much technical experience and hands on at Mannings Fairview Company at various high profile events across the UK. Most staff are trained and certified to level 3 IRATA, and carry IPAF certificates.

What is your recent experience?

I just signed up for SME London and supply Countryfile Live, a big event for 60,000 people over four days. I just signed up with Limelight Sports, and have just completed a job at Battersea Park to great feedback from Smart Hospitality and Mike Chalmers at Limelight.


Do recycling and sustainability play a role?

At Winterville we handle eight different waste streams totalling 100 tonnes – we try to divert as much from landfill and we sort the litter on site. We hand sort the rubbish, and work with Grundon, who have a lot of initiatives like turning coffee cups into pencils and recycling food waste. Much of the improvements are driven by local councils who want you to go above and beyond. The biggest thing we push is zero waste to landfill.

How do you go about winning business?

We sometimes use the cold approach but I’m lucky to have a lot of links to various industries and people who know me personally.


What are the big challenges in your job?

Delivering the right service first time is important, and making sure the job is done properly. At Winterville we employed specialist equipment including a lawnmower that provides a magnetic sweep, ensuring no bolts are left on site after 5 January.


Is Brexit likely to have an impact on you?

People will still be able to get work and the government are good at selling what they want to sell.