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Pan-European promoter FKP Scorpio has appointed Inga Esseling and Ben Rodenberg to lead its tour department from 1 January 2024.

Esseling has been working at FKP Scorpio since 2010. Starting as an assistant promoter, she now coordinates the core team around managing director and founder Folkert Koopmans and is responsible for tours by artists such as Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighter and Rolling Stones.

Rodenberg joined the company in 2017 when his concert agency Gastspielreisen became part of FKP Scorpio. Rodenberg will retain the management of Gastspielreisen and his roster of acts such as Moka Efti Orchestra, Kat Frankie, Betterov and Bulgarian Cartrader in his new role.

FKP Scorpio’s UK arm is led by former DHP Family directors Daniel Ealam and Scott O’Neill. Last year the promoter launched a live productions company, FKP Show Creations.

Commenting on the appointments, Koopmans said, “Both have often proven that they can provide new impetus and meet the high demands of this industry. I am personally very pleased that many employees have been with us for such a long time and have the opportunity to develop further as a part of our team.”

Pictured (L-R): Stephan Thanscheidt (CEO), Ben Rodenberg (director touring), Inga Esseling (director touring) and Folkert Koopmans (CEO and founder).