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Excel London has launched a new family of restaurant brands that will see the venue offering a dining experience in line with current food trends in sustainability, nutrition and customer experience.

Following a 10-year contract extension between Excel and Levy Restaurants UK in 2015, the partner organisations have begun a multi-million pound redevelopment of restaurants and outlets in the venue, with full completion expected by summer 2016.

New restaurants and outlets already open include American-style restaurant, diner and bar, The Bridge, and E16, an artisan coffee shop and bakery.

The E16 bakery will also, as part of a drive to produce the vast majority of food on-site, provide bread and pastries to be used throughout the venue.

Excel is also working with a number of third parties to create enhanced visitor experiences at the venue. New outlets already open include Prime Burger and Rotisserie, with offerings from other high street brands being developed within the next six months.

A number of white label units will soon be opening that can switch brands on a daily basis; this will enable the venue to adapt its offering to individual events, thereby creating the best possible personalised visitor experience.

“At Excel we see food and drink as an enabler of events, increasing opportunities to meet and do business, and we are leading the industry with a multi-million pound investment to create outstanding dining experiences,” said James Mark, executive director at Excel London. “Our close partnership with Levy Restaurants UK has been key to developing the new offering and will help every event organiser at Excel to achieve a great event outcome.”

Roy Westwood, creative and innovations director at Levy Restaurants UK, said: “It’s been incredibly exciting to work with Excel London on this project. Our shared philosophy of great food enabling great event outcomes is apparent throughout the food concepts, and allows us to ensure that guests receive legendary dining experiences throughout their time at Excel.”