Gorilla Events has committed to axe the plastic straw, as a movement gains momentum.

In line with the Last Straw Campaign, the company will be cutting approximately 200,000 plastic straws per year out of circulation.

Gorilla will favour the biodegradable paper straw, which will be available on request at any of its bars from March 2018.

“We are more than aware of the amount of waste generated from single use plastic straws and therefore wish to join the likes of Diageo and Bacardi in banning plastic straws in a conscious effort to help change what our industry is currently massively contributing towards,” said a Gorilla spokesperson.

The Final Straw campaign hopes that all festivals will sign up to ban the plastic straw by Earth Day on 22 April.

#TheLastStraw hashtag has been set up to encourage people to make a conscious effort to choose compostable or reusable alternatives to plastic.