Creative Technology Ltd (CT) has merged with its sister company, Mediatec UK.

The merger, along with a Mediatec rebrand, will take effect from 1 April.

Mediatec provides LED screens and production services to clients across the sporting and corporate event sectors. The merger gives the team access to a larger ground of technical and operational resources.

“CT and Mediatec have enjoyed a close, albeit competitive relationship over many years. Several of the current Mediatec UK contracts started life with us and we have always enjoyed similar operating cultures alongside a healthy exchange of personnel and occasionally clients,” said Dave Crump, CEO of CT Group.

“Bringing the businesses together will provide enhanced opportunities for the majority of the staff and allow us to offer their clients a broader range of technology and services.”

The business will continue work from its current premises in Sunbury-on-Thames during the summer, with plans to relocate to CT’s Crawley headquarters later in 2017.

“We have a great team in the UK who have done some excellent work. Joining forces with our colleagues at CT is the ideal way to take the business forward and to allow the team to develop,” said Kenneth Patterson, president of Mediatec Solutions in Sweden.