The CI Group, an events and digital marketing services organisation, has developed Liber, a free app designed specifically for the events sector.

The app will be previewed by CI Group to an audience of CEOs, marketing managers and event planners from as part of a virtual event on 18 June.

Liber works by letting users know whether or not they and those around them are in a Covid-19-free space. It also informs event organisers and those around of their status. By downloading Liber 14 days before an event and remaining free from contact with others as well as other health risks, people are able to attend events safely. CI Group is also developing a feature that will allow users to monitor their temperature, which will link to the venue’s temperature check system to allow entry.

Liber has been developed to easily link to other events or travel-based apps and databases such as hotel rewards schemes, VIP traveller programmes and stadium and venue entry systems, via QR codes. This allows all users to clearly see if their travel plans and destination location are safe.

CI Group CEO David Watt said: “The events and travel sectors are the heartland of our business, anything we can do to bring people back to major sporting, culture and business events safely and confidently – whilst encouraging economic recovery – is an excellent investment of our time and talents.   As we understand digital, data and events, that puts us in a unique position to be able to roll Liber out across the industry.  We just need some simple connectivity to the Government’s Track and Trace when it’s available. It’s a great opportunity for them to show their commitment for this £400bn plus market and help to save hundreds of jobs, simply by providing access.”