CBBC’s Summer Social has told Access that a plethora of past BBC event suppliers and creatives will boost the festival.

CBBC’s Summer Social is billed as a jam-packed, family festival extravaganza, taking place across three days from 3-5 August in Croxteth Park.

Festival director Sarah Greene said that the team spent a few years planning the event and looking for a suitable venue, before choosing the Liverpool-based location for its access to major motorways and natural beauty.

“I came on-board before Christmas. It’s been very collaborative. CBBC had produced smaller scale events for a few years, and while there’s loads of great family festivals, there was space for another one aimed just at kids. 8-12 year olds are our demographic and we looked carefully at what they are into.”

Suppliers at the event include Loudsound, Myers Global and MRL Health and Safety.


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