Nick Gratwick, head of events and development at Keith Prowse, explains the need for tiered hospitality packages to suit the changing needs of hospitality guests.


When you consider the amount of time available for business networking during a hospitality experience – a full day at the rugby equates to over seven hours of face-to-face time – it’s not surprising hospitality now sits well as part of the marketing mix.

However, budgeting for your hospitality experience has many considerations, not least the numerous hoops that some businesses now jump through to receive sign off from either the budget holder or from in-house compliance policies.

As hospitality providers, it is our responsibility to create and deliver packages that support the appropriate due diligence, offer a Return on Investment, which for some organisations is now measured as a Return on Experience, for those purchasing our packages, and deliver innovative, memorable experiences to the guests.

Packages need to tick the boxes on a variety of aspects – it’s no longer just the location and the menus that are important – but increasingly the price and demonstrable corporate responsibility.

Our hospitality provision is tailored to meet the needs of corporate compliance while also giving a stand out day to remember. It’s imperative that any financial investment in hospitality, and that all important face time, can be recouped and measured through business networking, interactions and relationships built or even social media shares.

In terms of defining hospitality, our starting point is always a tiering structure which clearly defines what products are available in the marketplace. Understanding the customer; their demographics and what they want to achieve from a memorable day out helps us to tailor experiences accordingly.

Good tiering allows the customer to effortlessly understand the differences between the price points, exclusions and inclusions and, therefore, what fits the needs of their target audience.

By keeping an eye on high street trends, but ignoring the fads, the hospitality experience comes alive. Mixing the experiential with familiar, with emphasis on attention to detail and quality service, a hospitality day out becomes a truly revered place to be.

Iconic sporting events such as summer’s The Championships, Wimbledon and autumn’s Quilter Internationals at Twickenham Stadium are renowned for their prestige and while the market for these events is as strong as ever, we ensure a customer first approach that satisfies not only our long-standing clients who return for all of the right reasons, but also the new audiences who are introducing exciting concepts to their customer-base.

It goes without saying that guests expect and demand an unforgettable experience both watching play and whilst in hospitality areas. Therefore, we never rest on our laurels and develop subtle upgrades to expand the reach and accessibility of our experiences for guests.

The redevelopment of the East Stand at Twickenham Stadium, as part of England Rugby Hospitality, will see a new generation of hospitality guests catered for with the creation of 11,600 sqm space for match day hospitality. As the exclusive sales agent our packages are tiered by price to attract a wider customer base. All package concepts and designs are considered accordingly to be market defined and we work hand in hand with venues to create exclusive hospitality offerings suitable for their respective audiences.

Inclusions at the East Stand ranges from entry level the British Airways Rose Garden, which offers live music and street food, through to top of the range Super Premium Plus, The East Wing, which includes a meet, greet and socialise with rugby legends, cocktails prepared by mixologists and a choice of dining options. What all experiences have in common is exceptional Stadium views from seats.

When taking into account all the package inclusions, hospitality ensures that every detail is taken care of and will elevate any sporting event to an unforgettable experience. Hospitality packages always include food, often pre-and post the sporting action, a range of drink options, entertainment and exclusive arena tickets with premium access and views; this all-inclusive aspect provides access that cannot be experienced elsewhere.

Success is in the detail, and one of the key criteria is ensuring guest experiences evolve in line with feedback, market trends and insights from all manner of sources. This has resulted in a more expansive tiered price structure which is growing the demographic, and is helping us future proof the Keith Prowse brand for another 150 years.