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Boomtown festival has announced a drop in ticket prices for 2021, as it prepares for its ticket sale to begin on 1 October.

The cheapest standard four-day ticket is now priced at £209. Boomtown’s ticketing supplier is Ticket Sellers.

The festival will be announcing a new creative direction for the 2021 event, which is planned for 11-15 August. More details will be released at 1pm on 1 October, before tickets go live at 7pm.

More than half of those with tickets for Boomtown’s cancelled 2020 festival chose to roll them over to 2021, meaning there is a reduced number of tickets available this year.

Commenting on the change in pricing strategy, Boomtown founders said: “With so many people going through so much right now, we felt a reduction in ticket price was vital. By reimagining how we run and create Boomtown, we’ve been able to reduce the price, but also enhance the parts that make us a truly unique experience.”

At the link below, you can read Access All Areas’ interview with Boomtown Creative Director Lak Mitchell from earlier this year:

Interview: Boomtown’s Creative Director Lak Mitchell

Photo credit: Tom Martin