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The Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games has begun its tendering process for suppliers, which will continue into the latter half of 2020.

Birmingham 2022 Games CEO Ian Reid and Chief Financial Officer David Grady spoke about the upcoming event during a panel at the Major Events Summit, organised by Major Events International, on 8 July.

Grady said that “a lot of the heavy lifting in our procurement process will take place in the second half of this year. If you’re interested, keep your eyes open.”

Suppliers who wish to submit a tender to work with the 2022 Commonwealth Games can do so at this link. As the event is publicly funded, its organisers are required to comply with public contract regulations in the procurement of goods and services.

CEO Ian Reid said that among the services the Games have still yet to procure are ticketing and the sourcing of training venues. There are many more categories which suppliers who wish to submit a tender can apply for, however.

Reid added that the 2022 Commonwealth Games, taking place 28 July – 8 August, would be the perfect opportunity to bring major events back to the UK with a bang, and hoped that the disruption caused by Covid-19 will have levelled out in the coming two years. He also added, however, that the team was preparing for all possibilities and could deliver a socially distanced event if required.

The 2022 Games is planning an ambitious Social Value Charter and looking to make the 2022 Games as sustainable as possible, and CFO David Grady highlighted that all suppliers working with the games would have to align with these values.

“We have consultants currently conducting research into making our carbon footprint as low as possible, possibly even carbon neutral,” said Reid. “That research will be finished in Autumn.”