Sound, lighting and production company Entec has rebranded to Entec Live and unveiled its third logo change in 50 years.

During the lockdown, in the absence of live event work, Entec appointed Dan Scantlebury as head of sound, and upgraded its rental inventory with lighting products from Ayrton and Elation. The company also entered into UVC technology with the launch of its Entec UVC Safe Clean sub brand.

Entic Live chairman Nick Pendleton said, “After celebrating our golden anniversary in 2018 and buying our warehouse, we started to formulate a bold plan to make the next 50 years even better. Part of that was refreshing our look and feel.

“We felt that we now offered far more than just sound and light, which seemed too restricting, and we wanted to get recognised for the full production and streaming we now offer. While we are proud of our heritage we have clear vision of the future.”

On the establishment of its sub brand, Pendleton said, “We are excited to be able to apply our long history of innovation in how to operate safely, and having found a solution for environmental germicidal disinfection in our industry through UVC, we were eager to create a sub brand and apply the look and feel of the new logo.”

Entec, which now describes itself as offering “sound, light and vision”, has kept the pre-existing logo’s light and sound projection shape, which has been a signature of its maintained equipment for more than 30 years.

“It would have been a mistake to lose that,” said Pendleton. “I always remember some engineers telling me that when they went to gigs as punters they gave out a huge sigh of relief when they saw the Entec triangle of light and sound on any equipment, as they knew they would enjoy the show. We couldn’t throw that recognition away.”