Suffolk County Council said 619 people were infected with Covid-19 at Latitude Festival, around 1.5% of the event’s daily capacity. Meanwhile, at Tramlines 823 of the festival’s 39,000 ticketholders and 4,000 staff were infected.

Organised by Festival Republic and run as part of the Government’s Events Research Programme (ERP) with the required Covid mitigation measures in place, Latitude took place on 22-25 July at Suffolk’s Henham Park.

Suffolk County Council said 1,051 people tested positive for Covid-19 soon after attending the event, with 619 infected “around the time” of Latitude and 432 being infectious at the time of the event. Of those, 175 were people living in Suffolk.

Suffolk Public Health was one of the many partners that helped implement Covid security, in line with Government advice, at the event. Shortly after the festival, Suffolk Public Health director Stuart Keeble, said 300-400 Covid-19 cases among festival-goers would not be above the expected level.

The DCMS also revealed that fellow ERP event Tramlines, which took place in Sheffield over the same weekend as Latitude and also had a 40,000 capacity, resulted in 823 people being infected around the time of the event and 676 likely to have been infectious during it.

Data for all ERP events is available via the recently created Data Dashboard.