Central Presentations Ltd (CPL) has invested in six brand new Barco UDX-4K 31,000 lumen laser projectors which were deployed on their first event at Arcadia London last weekend.

The two-day alt.culture festival, music and performance extravaganza celebrated the 10th anniversary of the birth of the Arcadia concept, and was staged in London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park with the world’s largest and best loved Spider at the hub of the performance action. 

CPL has been involved with Arcadia since 2013 when the 50 tonne Spider – the conceptual brainchild of Pip Rush and Bert Cole crafted from reimagined military hardware and other recycled industrial waste – first landed at Glastonbury festival.

For the last few UK appearances of the amazing arachnid, CPL has been part of a dedicated production team delivering crisp, detailed projections onto both sides of the three giant legs, which are fundamental structural elements of this awesome 360 degree visual and sonic spectacle.