Your website is your shopfront. It’s the tool to pull in future clients as well as keep current clients on board and informed. It’s also the end point for the inbound traffic you have driven from social media posts that point your customers to more information on your business.

Research has shown that website visitors are continually looking for better experiences and more interactivity when visiting a website that has undergone a web design recently. Remember you have seven seconds to convince a visitor to browse beyond the home page. Mobile first is the only way to think about websites nowadays. Most users view on their mobile devices rather than on a laptop or desktop. Your website must be designed in a way that gives the user a great mobile experience. But what sort of content should you create?

Research shows that animated graphics engage users a lot more than standard images. Animating your company logo or telling a short story is going to be big. For example, images that illustrate the various aspects of your business will engage visitors. Bold colour palettes are also going to become more popular. Page design that shouts out your messages is more effective.

Greater interactivity can be achieved through a few different tools. Using gamification or polls to ask questions and then take visitors to a page that is personalised based on their responses will provide a ‘stickier’ user experience. Other interactive tools such as live chat plug-ins or AI enhanced chat bots are becoming popular. These tools help build closer relationships with visitors, providing instant responses to questions. Lastly, video is still one of the main engagement tools to get a complicated details or explanation across. So, consider spending some cash to get great video content.