Behavioural communications agency HeyHuman and Natures Menu have developed a new campaign for premium natural pet food brand Natures Menu – the Poo Bag Challenge.

The idea behind the Poo Bag Challenge is that picking up dog poo that is smaller, firmer and less smelly is much less of a challenging experience for dog owners. And that is what happens when a dog’s diet is based on mainly raw foods like those manufactured by Natures Menu.

To demonstrate this in a memorable and effective way, HeyHuman has built an installation at Cruft’s of a giant 4m tall poo bag, drawing attention to the campaign.

Cruft’s is billed as ‘the world’s greatest dog show’, and runs from 7-10 March in Birmingham’s NEC.

Brand ambassadors will hand out free samples of Natures Menu products, as well as leaflets which inform pet owners about the practical benefits of switching to raw pet food products. The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to change their pet feeding behaviour by showcasing a benefit to the owner, as well as their pets.

Visitors will also be able to sign up for a week-long free trial of Natures Menu products via a microsite which they can access during their visit, or online at a later point. The Cruft’s activity is supported by a social campaign.

Liz Richardson, managing partner at HeyHuman, commented: “Traditionally, pet food campaigns talk about the benefit the food has to the pet (shinier coats, better digestion, more vitality and so on) but rarely do they mention the tangible benefits to the owner. We wanted to flip this thinking on its head, and create a campaign which would really stand out at Cruft’s.”