Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival, the event celebrating Woodstock’s 50thanniversary at its original location, will not be going ahead as previously planned.

Instead of one large event running from 16-18 August 2019, it will be split into three smaller events over three days, forming part of the venue’s Season of Song & Celebration.

The Season of Song & Celebration is a year-long schedule of exhibits, programmes and events at the venue, including everything from art and photography workshops to performances and dinners.

As part of the change, the festival will no longer be working with agency INVNT, who were previously producing the event.

Scott Cullather, CEO, INVNT explained that the agency is proud of its support and contributions to the celebration plans and the global awareness that its efforts brought to Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, as a result.

“INVNT will not be involved in the new format and we wish Bethel Woods and Live Nation, as well as the organizers of the other 50th anniversary celebrations taking place around the world, the very best,” he said.

“Bethel Woods Music and Culture Festival was always about putting fans at the very heart, by celebrating the legacy of the 1969 Woodstock festival – the artists who played there and the people who attended – and inspiring them to make the world a better place through carefully curated music, culture and community-driven experiences.

“We hope that past, present and future fans are able to revel in the celebrations this year, and that the events empower them to advocate for positive social change just as the 1969 festival did.”