Founder of Parklife Festival and NTE adviser to the Mayor of Greater Manchester, on live music events Sacha Lord contributes to our White Paper, produced with We Are The Fair and the NTIA…

He said: “We are very lucky in Greater Manchester that the city’s political leaders have a full understanding of the key role events of play within the region – and especially the role played by live music and clubs. I think this goes back to the Madchester period of the late 1980s and early 1990s. Then the whole world was looking for our next move and our next band.

“Parklife is now the largest metropolitan festival in the UK, attracting 80,000 people a day over the first weekend in June. Outside of the festival proper, it brings more than £10m into the local economy. Greater Manchester recognises that, supports that, but also encourages other exciting events to make it a healthier, diverse and diversified city. Glasgow has the same spirit. The towns and cities that don’t have it will suffer.”
Sacha Lord recently spoke to Access, reflecting on a busy summer.

Me, Myself & I: Sacha Lord

The Political Economy of Informal Events, 2030 was commissioned and published by Mash Media. Foreword by: Julian Agostini, (MD, Mash Media), Alan D Miller, (chairman, The Night Time Industries Association) Nick Morgan (CEO, We Are The Fair). It was written and edited by James Woudhuysen, visiting professor, forecasting & innovation, London South Bank University. (Advisory team: Tom Hall and Paul Colston).

The print version of report is available for £7.99, but it can be viewed for free online now.