Climax Live, the promoter of Welsh festivals including Colour Clash (cap. 10,000) and Inside Out (15,000) has rebranded as Escape Records and launched a new record label under the same name.

A spokesperson also said the company is working on a new, larger, festival that is due to take place next year, with further details yet to be announced.

The record label will house three genre-focused sub-brands; Escape Tapes (urban), Escape Jack (house) and Escape Anthems, with new releases forthcoming from artists such as Glen Horsborough, Peter Chard and Local.

Escape Records director Mark Hopkins said, “Our mantra is trust and love the process. This means we’ve had an incredible ride, with many knocks along the way, but we have learnt from them all and improved each time and are now ready to take things to the next level. When this journey began, it was based in music and partying and the wider cultural impact in truth was not at the forefront of our minds.”

He added, “Fast forward 15 years and sadly the carefree attitude of youth is starting to escape us, but this space is now filled with a more meaningful purpose. The creation of our academy to support and bring through the next generation of music talent in South Wales, our range of charitable and project work most recently supporting the building of a home in Cambodia. Giving back in all its forms to our community, the industry further afield and making sure we embody that in all that we do.”