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The #WeCreateExperiences B2B campaign is to kick-off on 7 December, and those behind it are calling on the industry’s support across social media to ensure the key messages of education, inspiration and reassurance are amplified.

In the run up to the launch date, a series of teaser content including supporting videos from a wide range of high-profile personalities will be sent out across the One Industry One Voice social media channels.

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“We need to remind decision makers who book events of the importance of live event experiences and the value they bring to their businesses, as well our expertise to deliver them safely,” said Simon Hughes, chair of the Business Visits and Events Partnership (BVEP), which is fronting the campaign. “The mission is to encourage them to look ahead to 2021 – start to plan, brief and commit budget to events.”

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Upcoming events

To support the launch of the #WeCreateExperiences campaign, Hughes, alongside the campaign’s driving force Rick Stainton, will be appearing at a number of online events, including the Major Events Summit, which takes place on 2 December.

The event will see culture secretary Oliver Dowden deliver a keynote address, while Hughes and Stainton will open the event by being interviewed live by Mash Media’s Martin Fullard. They will discuss the One Industry One Voice coalition as well as what to expect from the upcoming #WeCreateExperiences campaign. The personality-packed video will make its debut.

The summit brings together event organisers, associations and suppliers to discuss coping with the challenges of event delivery in the midst of a global pandemic.

Among the sessions will be a panel exploring Contingency Planning and Test Events. Chaired by Access editor Christopher Barrett, the speakers include AFO general secretary Steve Heap, Ascot Racecourse head of operations & events Joanna Wales and Harlequins rugby union team head of operations Peter Cooper.

Register for the event here.

One Industry One Voice supporters receive a 50% discount while associations, event owners and government staff can register for free.

Hughes and Stainton will appear on the International Confex webinar series on 3 December, where again they will outline with Fullard what to expect from the campaign, with the audience able to submit questions over the platform. Registration is free, sign up here.

#ProjectRecovery joins

The Association of Event Venues (AEV), Association of Event Organisers (AEO) and the Event Service Suppliers Association (ESSA), which collectively represent the exhibitions industry, have officially joined the One Industry One Voice Coalition with their #ProjectRecovery movement.

#ProjectRecovery’s objective is to inform and engage stakeholders on the work the associations are doing to facilitate the safe resurgence of events, at the earliest opportunity.

Although initially developed as ‘Project Confidence’, the group is currently operating under the new #ProjectRecovery banner while it works back towards a green light from the Government.

#ProjectConfidence, #ProjectRecovery and the associate #ANationWithoutEvents campaigns generated a combined total of 18m social media impressions since going live earlier in 2020.

Chris Skeith, chief executive officer of the AEO, said the collaboration of the events sector has been “astonishing”, adding that it is “undoubtedly what will carry us through this tough time”.

He said: “We are delighted to announce our cross-association industry campaign, #ProjectRecovery, as an official supporter of the One Industry One voice initiative. We look forward to working alongside our event friends, to further enhance our reach on our common goal: Getting events back to business”

His commented were echoed by Andrew Harrison, director of ESSA, who said that Project Recovery is “perfectly positioned” to partner and support the work of One Industry One Voice and vice versa.

“Our focus, values and objectives are aligned to help bring our sector back online as soon as possible to once again underpin the UK’s economic recovery and future growth. Collaboration is how we have got so far and together is how we will ultimately succeed,” he said.

Rachel Parker, AEV’s director, added that consistent messaging and a coordinated reach were essential to the industry’s return. “Key to Project Recovery’s support and partnership of One Industry One Voice is the critical aspect of coordinated reach, consistent messaging and the sheer volume of work that will be required to complete our industry’s return and recovery,” she said.

“The One Industry One Voice campaign is a prime example of the collaborative approach we ourselves nurture as associations and has underpinned our sector’s fight throughout the last 8 months,” she added.

Learn more about the associations here: AEO | AEV | ESSA

Industry survey

Working with the Production Services Association (PSA), the One Industry One Voice team is conducting an industry-wide survey to better understand the impacts of Covid-19 and how effectively these are being addressed by Government and industry initiatives.

Results will be presented to the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) as part of a wider study by the BVEP.

Campaign organisers are encouraging everyone and their networks to respond to the survey by 27 November. Take the survey here.

One Industry One Voice Taskforce

Working groups have now been set up to align industry efforts on lobbying government for reinsurance. A second group has been formed to support EIF proposals to help event organisers, Public Health Directors and Local Authorities plan and approve events in accordance with new Government guidance.