A representative from the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has called on the events industry to urgently accelerate its response to climate change.

UNFCCC programme officer Miguel Naranjo said there would be “no events industry” if society fails to meet the challenge, and event professionals have a responsibility to contribute by changing the way they address sustainability.

Naranjo said, “Time is running out to respond to the climate challenge. Most companies have already realised that action on climate is not just about social and environmental issues, but about their business’ bottom line and business continuity. An adequate response includes developing the required skills, education and training to take effective action, so that event professionals can become climate action champions.

“Along with our partners, Positive Impact Events, we have been speaking to event industry leaders and associations, but progress continues to be slow. Public pressure for action is growing though. Those that do not start implementing serious action right now will be left behind.”