Unique Venues of London has put wellbeing at the centre of some of its well known event spaces, says Lisa Hatswell, managing director, Unique Venues of London.


Ensuring that employees’ mental and physical welfare is properly addressed and taken care of is essential to their feeling satisfied and productive both at home and at work.

This can be achieved in different ways, whether through keeping open lines of communication between colleagues, or by attending courses that share advice on how to lead a more fulfilled life.

Events are expensive and require a lot of resource. As such, it’s important that attendees get the most from them. Attendees, particularly if they are your employees, will need to be engaged and attentive, increasing the likelihood that they will retain the information received at an event.

The event venues themselves can be just as important as the gatherings. A tranquil, uplifting environment not only provides inspiration and a sense of calm, but reenergises the mind and improves focus. Spaces available for event hire have overall become better equipped in the last decade to deliver services which ensure maximum performance while guaranteeing one’s wellbeing.

Here are four wellbeing-friendly venues that are perfect for hosting events that will help guests improve their productivity and concentration:


The National Gallery

With 85% of UK adults experiencing stress regularly[i], people must allow for ‘me time’. The National Gallery offers delegates a chance to temporarily break away from their busy schedules by stepping into the silence of the Gallery before opening hours, and immersing themselves in the world-famous art collection and breathtaking architecture.

Yoga is another excellent way of lowering anxiety and improving one’s quality of sleep. Attendees of a day retreat can watch London awake from the Gallery’s open Portico Terrace, which boasts magnificent views over Trafalgar Square. They also provide the option to meditate next to the Old Masters in one of the venue’s iconic picture galleries. Even non-yogis can enjoy the Gallery in peace, and embark on a journey of art discovery led by one of its expert historians.

Health and wellness are inherent in the name of this venue, and healthy sustainable food is at the heart of the Royal College of Physicians Meetings and Events’ menus.

The Royal College of Physicians is increasingly adopting a range of sustainable initiatives, such as offering a large number of vegetable-led dishes to combat environmental change, purchasing high welfare meat and dairy products, and ensuring the future of fish stocks and marine environments by serving sustainably caught fish.

Furthermore, in its ongoing commitment to providing wholesome, healthy food, the Royal College of Physicians offers balanced menus, reasonable portions and dietary-specific options to cater for customers’ needs, including lighter, low-calorie alternatives.


Lincoln’s Inn

Lincoln’s Inn has added a contemporary new space to its portfolio of venues with its brand-new Ashworth Centre: a bright, inspiring setting, in which wellness conferences and events will thrive.

To coincide with the centre’s opening, delegates can choose from a healthy breakfast or snack as part of a fresh meetings menu, including vegan options.

To optimise concentration and brain power, the venue’s team of chefs has developed an amalgamation of ingredients with naturally occurring sugars from fruits, boosting energy without relying on artificially enhanced flavourings.

The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA)

RIBA is an ideal location for conferences and larger meetings, which will motivate all team members, from more junior employees to CEOs and Vice Presidents.

Increased focus on the wellbeing of delegates means that corporate events will increasingly include ‘boosters’ such as yoga sessions, mindful menus and outdoor areas in which people have the opportunity to network.

The venue’s catering team works closely with the client to provide bespoke, healthy menus and suggest ideas for enhancing wellness gatherings of all sizes.