UK Music chief executive Jamie Njoku-Goodwin has urged Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer to ensure artificial intelligence (AI) firms do not “crush the human creativity” of the music industry.

In a letter to the Cabinet Minister, Njoku-Goodwin (pictured) welcomed the benefits of AI to music and other sectors but said the rapid advance of AI poses many “difficult questions” that the Government should address.

UK Music – the collective voice of the UK music industry, whose members include AIM, BPI, FAC, The Ivors Academy, MMF, MPA, MPG, MU, PPL, PRS for Music – has outlined a five-point plan in the open letter.

The five key principles are contained in a policy paper that UK Music and its members have drawn up for the Government.

One high-profile example of AI being used in the music industry was the voice of Drake and The Weeknd being cloned for a new song after the software was “trained” on the musicians’ voices.

UK Music said the incident reflects a growing trend that has seen music used to train AI technologies without any regard to copyright rules and without seeking the consent of the human music-makers who lose out financially.

In his letter to the Culture Secretary, Njoku-Goodwin said, “As an industry, we are excited about some of the opportunities that AI offers and want to work with the technology sector to help seize these opportunities. However, it is not acceptable for creators’ work or their identity to be used by AI developers without their consent.

“Taking other people’s work without their permission contravenes basic principles of property rights, undermining both creator incomes and the economic model that has enabled the UK to build a world-leading music industry.

“It is important to stress that the music industry has good relations with the technology sector, and we are proud of the many positive relationships and partnerships we have built with technology companies.

“But in trying to seize the opportunities of AI, it’s vital that we do not allow some AI firms to crush the human creativity that is the beating heart and soul of our world-leading music industry.

“Without original content to ingest, it would not be possible to produce AI-generated content. So, it is absolutely critical we develop AI technologies in a way that enhances and enables human artistry rather than eroding it.