Access’ publisher Mash Media’s managing director Julian Agostini says being tight has unseen consequences

Do you think that tight people believe they’re getting away with it? Do they think that we haven’t noticed that they haven’t bought a round, for example?

It doesn’t matter how many subtle hints are passed, in my experience, tight people are oblivious to subtlety. And most self-respecting people aren’t really going to blatantly call them out. It’s not worth it.

What happens instead is they just don’t get invited to anything at the top table or maybe just the next two events while the group rests itself from their penny pinching.

It’s weird isn’t it? We all know people that fall into this category but we don’t really try to change them. Do we feel it’s too late? Too embarrassing? Too much fun to laugh at their expense (excuse the pun).

It’s quite a shame that the tightos miss out on so much and they’re not even aware of it. They will be crossed off many a list but will be blissfully unaware of the world that’s been denied them because of their behaviour.

They don’t make the cut, but then, they didn’t even know that the cut existed….so what difference?

This feels like a similar scenario for people who don’t go to events.

When the event comes around, it’s a big effort to go and engage, learn, get excited, see opportunities, create relationships, etc; “I can do all that from desk,” they might say… hmmmm, not really.

Like not having to go to the bar, it may feel easier to stay in the office and wait for the whole thing to pass.

What did I really miss out on? They may ask afterwards.

It’s not a simple answer, but the reality is that people who go to events are generally brighter, sharper, easier to talk to and ultimately more investable: They are literally the ones going places.

It may not be tangible, but in the same way as tight people will be passed over on the social environment so the keyboard warriors will get passed over for business opportunities.

But here’s the thing, it’s not too late for them to be saved….so when the show comes to town, get them out there and make them buy their round, they’ll be amazed what it leads to and will thank you forever!