The Royal Navy Winter Sports Association (RNWSA) recently partnered with Crest Planning to use Halo as its incident management platform at the Alpine Championships 2020.

The event safety system was integral to the smooth running of the event which was attended by 800 people from across the Royal Navy as well as sponsors and partners who helped with event delivery.

The Alpine Championships 2020 held in Tignes, France between 11-25 January, are one of the highlights of the Royal Navy’s sporting calendar and are also one of many adventurous training opportunities for Royal Navy personnel. People from across the services are invited to test their skills on the snow, from complete beginners to the experts of the Royal Navy Ski Team.

Around 100 incidents and tasks were recorded on the Halo system which connected the ski instructors, event organisers, medical team, hill team and other partners on the same platform. This meant the response to medical incidents was ‘significantly improved’ with accurate location reporting and swift sharing of incidents across the platform, for greatly safety.

This reduced the need for numerous WhatsApp groups, phone calls and spreadsheets and created a central comms platform for the first time, for a wide range of issues.

RNWSA’s Alpine championships director, Lieutenant Commander Richard Stephenson, says: “With the high-volume of attendees and risk to injury from the nature of the sport, the Halo system gave me peace of mind when dealing with the safety and management of the event.

“Entering incident information made it easier for us to follow-up with our MoD mandatory requirements and simple things like Daily News and event programme changes were also used by us within the Halo app. Having the ability to produce a report of the event will also come in handy for incident statistics and checking our current Risk Management plan to propose any future changes.”

Crest Planning’s CEO and co-founder, Lloyd Major, adds: “We’re honoured to be supporting our armed services and it was a huge privilege to be involved in the RNWSA Championships as the Royal Navy’s incident management platform. With such a prestigious client and such a potentially dangerous sport the sense of responsibility and occasion was certainly not lost on us and it was terrific to see Halo performing so well in remote, mountainous locations.

“It’s our first time working in a ski resort and by connecting all the local agencies and responders the results were incredible. Tignes is one of the top 10 resorts in the World and it’s fantastic to have them using Halo. We’ve worked incredibly hard to ensure our platform transmits data at 1/1000th the size of a text message and the benefits of this mean when people are stuck in a remote region with poor signal, help can still be on the way. Halo is a platform you can trust across the globe.”