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Digital ticketing has played an essential role in enabling Covid-safe events and now suppliers are exploring how their technology can be used to help provide a seamless user experience during mass Covid testing scenarios prior to full-capacity events.

The Covid-19 crisis has sparked innovation in many quarters, not least the ticketing sector. Leading operators are developing technology that may well play a significant role in the return of full-capacity events.

In the meantime, pre-existing digital ticketing technology is perfectly suited to helping to enable Covid-safe event environments.

Kilimanjaro Live CEO and Concert Promoters Association vice chairman Stuart Galbraith, whose company owns and operates events including the 20,000-capacity Belladrum Tartan Heart Festival, believes the industry-wide adoption of digital tickets is well overdue.

“While there is a vaccine, it’ll be going to the vulnerable and elderly first so we need a solution in place in order for events and festivals to happen next summer.”

He says, “As an event producer and promoter, in the last 10 years it’s been a huge frustration for me that we as an industry could have been delivering a better service to customers if everyone had agreed a protocol where electronic ticketing would be acceptable across the board and scanning and access control systems would take input from everybody that sold a ticket.

“Because of the politics of ticketing, and the landgrab of inventory, various companies have refused to do that and as a result have perpetuated the necessity for a customer to have a piece of paper stuffed in an envelope and sent to their house. The airline industry worked out 10 years ago that you don’t need a physical ticket.

“I think the pandemic will see the death of the paper ticket, at last, and good riddance to it.”

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