The Mercedes Benz Arena in Berlin recently hosted a major international live tournament for videogame PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG).

It saw the venue transformed into a giant ‘battle environment’ complete with cars, bikes and other props which are found in the game. The tournament was the first world championship for competitive PUBG.

For the opening show, event producers Production Associates recruited Live Legends to create a high-impact lighting design, which made use of around 600 moving Robe lights.

The Live Legends team on site was led by Jeffrey Goes. Live Legends have previously worked with Production Associates on Xbox and FIFA events.

Goes commented: “The MegaPointes Robe lights wide functionality and extreme power were a perfect solution. They offered diversity, functionality and fantastic colours and optics.”

Their challenge was to create a fully 360-degree visual environment with the stage in the centre of the room, which connected the audience with the gamers and all the on-screen action. It also had to look fantastic on camera for live streaming and recording.

Highly detailed graphics from the game were projected and integral to setting the scene, taking the audience right inside the world of PUBG. There were also 16 violinists and a swoop of ‘paratroopers’ (aerial artists) who dropped in from the roof, SWAT-style, as if they were playing the game.

The tournament was eventually won by Chinese team OMG, who took home $400,000 in prize money. A further $600,000 was raised for charity at the event.