Smirnoff have announced the ‘Equalizing Music’ initiative, which aims to increase the numbers around women in the music industry. Research by Vice’s electronic music Thump revealed that women made up only 17 per cent of headliners at festivals globally in 2016.

To begin the brands forward move, Smirnoff booked female DJ’s, who of which were featured on the ‘Top 50 Women Making Noise’ list, to play electronic gigs yesterday (8 March) to celebrate International Women’s Day.

“We believe that our brands should have a purpose greater than just amazing drinks, and Smirnoff brand’s purpose is to move the world to be inclusive,” said

Syl Saller, chief marketing officer at Diageo.

The brand has teamed up with other big names in music such as Broadly and Spotify to launch a platform that will generate exposure of women who are equalizing electronic music. Smirnoff have encouraged industry leaders to sign a pledge to release a new documentary titled ‘Smirnoff: Equalizing Music’.

“We believe we can make a difference by using our presence in electronic music culture to drive diversity within the community. By 2020, Smirnoff aims to make a difference by doubling the number of women headliners and this mission requires music fans and industry leaders to work together to achieve this bold goal,” said Saller.