After the introduction of multiple customer-focused schemes, Skiddle have seen an impressive increase in music event ticket sales throughout 2016.

The ticket-selling organisation has reported a 69 per cent increase for live music and gigs, 48 per cent in festivals, and a 32 per cent increase for club nights. It arributes this in part to schemes, launched in 2016, called Cool:Off, Re:Sell and Waiting List designed to deliver ‘ticketing done better’.

Re:Sell simply allows users to re-sell their ticket to another fan on the site. Waiting List works in conjunction with Re:Sell, but allows sold out event tickets to be sold onto other music fan at the current face value by adding their name to the queue on a first-come-first-served basis. Cool:Off is an industry first, which allows customers the same flexibility rights they would receive in the retail industry, with a 72 hour grace period to return your tickets if your plans have changed. The schemes have resulted in a 25 per cent upturn in sales, and have been taken on by high profile promoters such as Parklife Festival.

Waiting List has seen over 31,000 customers request 90,000 tickets, with extra ticket sales amounting to £41,000, but more importantly resulting in people getting their tickets at a fair price. The Waiting List feature is planning to be merged with the app in the next few weeks. While Re:Sell has been used on 146 events, with 515 orders resold, over 1,000 events have successfully used Cool:Off.

In a statement on its website, Skiddle said: “Fairness remains a buzz word in ticketing and music, and we genuinely believe we have done more than anyone to make the playing field much more level for the customer.”

“We’re committed to making things better for every stakeholder of the events industry and the best part is, we’ve not even properly started yet.”