Event support specialist Showforce Services Ltd has announced a collaboration with crewing company Stage Wolves.

The two businesses have worked together on various projects for years and have now signed a contract solidifying and formalising their existing arrangement.

The joint venture will provide both countries with a heightened regional presence across the UK and provide a cost-effective and comprehensive range of services for clients.

Showforce founder Ian Spendlove said: “We have a good relationship with Stage Wolves, they provide crew that meet our exacting standards. Whilst Showforce is undoubtedly a much larger company, we want to assist Stage Wolves with their plans for growth and the challenges that running a crewing company brings. From changes in PAYE rules to CDM, it’s a minefield and can be difficult for smaller businesses.

“In the same way that we know London, Liverpool and the Middle East, Stage Wolves know the Midlands and it makes sense for them to keep their own name and reputation.”