UK-based event production company Showcase AVi has announced that sales & operations director Ben Collings completed a management buyout from Showcase Interiors Ltd on 1 July.

Showcase AVi is also active in the UK, Europe, UAE & Asia.

This deal is a significant milestone for all parties, and was announced on Showcase AVi Ltd’s fifth birthday.

Collings said he plans to take the business further into the event sectors and thanked co-founders Emma and Nigel Boreham for support over the years and for the opportunity.

“It’s been an incredible five years leading the team. I look forward to continuing to lead such a talented team in bringing their clients’ visions and brands to life and welcoming new additions to the talent pool we already have.”

Co-Founders Emma and Nigel Boreham wished Collings, “all the best for the business and his plans for growth, we will still have a vested and personal interest in its progression, may his success long continue”.

Collings told EW: “All staff and infrastructure remains the same without exception. We are diversifying our offer into the exhibition services market which we have had organic growth over the past 12 months in which is the newest department of Showcase AVi. This focus for this will be in the UK. 2020 will see a more visible presence to develop further our footholding in the Middle East and APAC regions, primarily Malaysia and Singapore.

“Showcase Interiors Ltd (Nigel & Emma) continue the success of their business in whilst we continue our journey in the live events sector.”