The return of live indoor performances has been delayed from 1 August until at least 15 August.

The government had previously stated that indoor venues could host performances from 1 August, provided social distancing guidelines were followed. However, following a rise in Covid-19 cases, this return has now been pushed back.

The government requested a series of pilot live shows in late July to test the viability of live indoor performances. Ally Wolf, Manager of The Clapham Grand, which ran one of these shows, said: “We are opening to a loss of revenue, which isn’t sustainable for the future.”

Visitors to museums, galleries and cinemas will also be required to wear a mask from 8 August, enforceable by law.

Addressing the nation from Downing Street, the prime minister promised to keep looking at the national situation and noted that the country should now “squeeze the brake pedal” to keep the Covid-19 outbreak under control.

“On 1 August we had hoped to reopen some of the ‘higher risk’ settings that had remained closed. Unfortunately, we are postponing those changes for at least a fortnight,” the prime minister said.

He added: “That means that until 15 August, at the earliest, venues, bowling alleys, casinos, skating rinks and other close-contact settings must remain closed. Indoor performances may not resume, pilots of larger crowds in sports venues and conference centres will not take place and wedding receptions of up to 30 people will not be permitted.”