Crest Planning says it is celebrating a safe and successful ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup, the third most watched event in the world.

The company’s award-winning event safety system, Halo, was used by the ICC Cricket World Cup Organising Committee to streamline security, health and safety procedures at the event giving them complete control and real-time, shared situational awareness from their own virtual command station.

Jill McCracken, director of tournament safety and security at the Cricket World Cup, said that: “Halo allowed me to keep my security plans discreet yet offered me the oversight to see what was going on across 10 cities at the same time.”

She added: “Event security needs to be smarter with a discreet presence, after all events are meant to make people smile and security shouldn’t be a barrier to rewarding experiences. The app was a superb choice for the Cricket World Cup 2019 as it was so flexible we could tailor it to our requirements, it was also secure, fast and reliable.”

The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup saw 48 matches take place across 11 UK venues with 10 teams taking part over six weeks. Over 1m attended and worked at the games and countless more attended the fan zones. It attracted a TV audience of 1.6bn viewers. Halo was used to keep everyone attending the event safe along with protecting the team from hostile actions at their hotels and during their movements by coach to practice venues throughout the tournament. All close protection teams, residential security teams, hotels, cricket stadia and police forces used the same intelligence platform for the safeguarding of everyone involved in the event.

Crest Planning’s CEO and founder Lloyd Major added: “It was incredible to be part of such a fantastic global tournament. The ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup was the most high-profile event to take place in Britain since the 2012 Olympics and it was a privilege to protect their people and their brand.  I think everyone in our industry lives to be involved in huge things like this, to face the challenge, rise to the test and deliver as a team and we were able to provide world class software, hardware and people to support the ICC’s requirements.”