After 10 years at its original home of Coney Woods, Leicestershire, Noisily festival is to move to a new site in the county, Barkestone Wood, with a capacity increase of 2,000.

The dance music festival was moved from Coney Woods due to an infection of the destructive fungus ash dieback on the site. Organisers said in order to save the woods from complete destruction, significant parts of the woodland needed to be felled.

The new, previously unused site will have a capacity of 6,000 and is located 30 minutes from Coney Woods and 10 minutes from Grantham.

The festival was co-founded by Robbie Parry, Will Hazlerigg, Charles Audley and Lachie Gordon in 2012. It last took place this summer with a capacity of 4,000.

Noisily organisers said in a statement: “We have a beautiful new natural canvas to express our creativity and an opportunity to program the widest selection of music, art and performance we’ve ever attempted. Expect new stages, more diverse Mind Body Soul content, fresh performance and more art.

“As our community develops and we build for the future, we look forward to the next 10 years with you all as we take Noisily forward and connect, create and celebrate.”