Image credit: Methods Unsound

Fans arriving at Wembley Park on 30 July for new pizza festival MySliceFest were left disappointed after the event ran out of pizza and suffered from long queue times.

After the festival website promised ‘great music, house party games and incredible pizza slices’, pizza fans were left disappointed by the event itself.

Many attendees took to social media to vent their frustration at the long queues that plagued the event, with some waiting for more than half an hour to purchase food.

Visitors also complained about the uninspiring location, as the event took place in a car park beside Wembley Stadium.

A spokesman for the event told the Evening Standard: A spokesman for the festival said: “We’re really sorry some people felt the queues for pizza let down their experience of MySliceFest on Saturday.

“We’re an enthusiastic and committed events company and what we delivered didn’t live up to our high expectations for everyone. We take this very seriously and will be replying individually to everyone who has taken the time to get in touch.

“In spite of this, thousands of people did enjoy our unique festival of music and pizza, and we’ll be learning from what worked and what we needed to improve on as we go forward.”