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MCI UK and MCI Experience managing director Kim Myhre has left the business to start a new company, Experience Designed.

Before MCI, Myhre (now Experience Designed’s founding and managing partner) was MD of FreemanXP, Freeman’s experiential arm.

The new venture will work with creative agencies to create ‘marketing innovation and brand transformation’ by applying a new strategic approach to experience design.

Mhyre said: “Brands now recognise the growing value of experience to enhance customer engagement, create brand innovation and drive business growth. But traditional planning approaches are insufficient to deliver the kinds of experiences that will engage, inspire and motivate increasingly informed, digitally enabled audiences.

“At Experience Designed we believe that a more human-centric design approach is required to create more personalised experiences based on in-depth audience insights, defined by culture, and crafted with a more interdisciplinary and intersectional design perspective.

“After years of working in large, international agencies it became frustratingly clear that large, established organisations are fundamentally resistant to change. A focus on short term financials forces these businesses to stay focused on doing what they’ve always done – just more efficiently. Any attempts at innovation are viewed as disloyal, risky and expensive and so don’t survive. It dawned on us that rather than give up on our passion for brand marketing innovation in response to our rapidly changing world we would take the advice of.”

“Mahatma Gandhi who famously said, ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world.'”