Live Nation and the Music Venue Trust applauds the Home Office ban of fireworks, flares and smoke bombs at music events.

The ban came into effect on 3 April after being highlighted as a significant unresolved issue by Andrew Steven at AP Security in EIN’s Festival Buyer’s Guide.

The new legislation, under the Policing and Crime Act, means members of the public found guilty of possessing pyrotechnics at a festival or music event could face up to three months in prison. However, it does not seek to ban artists or event organisers from using pyrotechnics in their shows.

“We have worked with the music industry to introduce this offence to give them the necessary powers to ban these articles from their venues and events and make sure music fans have a safe environment in which to enjoy themselves,” said Brandon Lewis, the minister for Policing and the Fire Service.

“We are pleased to have had the opportunity to work with the Home Office to make this ban a reality,” said Melvin Benn, Festival Republic MD.

“Safety of our patrons is of utmost importance to us. Now music fans will have the same protection as football fans, with the ability to enjoy themselves without worrying about the misuse of these dangerous items which can cause significant distress and injury,” Benn added.