Event Crew Training, a not-for-profit company formed by a group of industry professionals in response to post-pandemic staffing demands and a need for improved entry-level training for crew, has launched its first training course; Event Crew Essentials.

The company’s online portal is intended to be a benchmark for entry-level crew and technicians looking to start a career in events. Its initial offering, Event Crew Essentials, covers topics such as understanding stages, live event jargon, departmental load in and load outs, and health and safety and manual handling.

The course takes approximately 90 minutes to complete and costs crewing companies £20 per access token. One token provides training for one member of crew.

The Event Crew Training team said they believe the training will establish an “important foundation” for the live events industry and are looking for financial support from industry peers for it to become a universal standard.

With plans for further expansion and additional courses in the coming months, Event Crew Training said all donations will go directly into developing training and resources.

The company was officially incorporated in December 2020 but the group started meeting and discussing the idea at the start of the first Covid-19 lockdown in April.

Event Crew Training was founded by Base Crew Ltd, DNG Production & Event Crew Ltd, The Music Consortium, Outsource Staffing Solutions, Rule Out Load Management, and Safe Show.

The founders have worked on most major festivals in the UK and Ireland, including Glastonbury (cap. 147,000), Download (85,000), Creamfields (70,000), V Festival (90,000), Reading (105,000) and BBC Big Weekends.