Digital lighting company Ayrton played a major role in lighting the Eurovision Song Contest 2019 finals, which took place in Tel Aviv, Israel on 18 May.

The event used over 700 Ayrton fixtures in its massive lighting rig, which accompanied the work of set designer Florian Wieder and Tel Aviv-based lighting designers, Ronen Najar and Dakar Azulay.

Najar and Azulay created individual looks for each of the 41 competing countries, while Wieder’s stage design was based on triangles and the number 12 – important symbols for Israel.

Najar commented: “Our main idea was to maintain the special stage design developed by Florian. We therefore chose to use a significant amount of Ayrton MagicBlades to create new geometric lines. This gave us a backdrop that enforced the triangular motif and allowed us to be innovative and create multi-dimensional art.”

330 MagicBlade-R and 206 MagicBlade-FX were rigged on ladders at regular intervals across the massive back wall and side walls, and interspersed with 100 Khamsin-TC profile fixtures.

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Najar added: “The MagicBlades took a major role. We used them for the dominant moments, as well as a background to support the LED screen. When you have 500 pretty identical fixtures on the back wall, you definitely can create exciting looks and mixtures! One of the most significant moments was the opening number for the very first broadcast – the host nation’s song Toy by last year’s winner, Netta.”

Najar and Azulay also chose 46 Ayrton Ghibli profile fixtures to outline the downstage edges of both the main stage and the catwalk which looped out into the arena, from where they were used to create striking aerial effects.

Ola Melzig, Head of Production for the Eurovision Song Contest 2019, said: “For the second year in a row, we’ve had a close cooperation with Ayrton (for Eurovision). Their fixtures are extremely reliable and innovative, and add fantastic – and very important – layers to the production.

“I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to team up with this great company, and yet again pull something amazing out of the hat on the absolute highest level of performance within music entertainment.”


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Lighting design by Ronen Najar and Dakar Azulay

Photos by © Ralph Larmann