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A wellbeing guide has been launched by UK charity Hospitality Action, as it encourages event professionals to sign up for its Walk for Wellbeing fundraising initiative.

Developed in conjunction with mental health expert, Emma Keeble, the free guide offers tips and strategies for hospitality businesses to ensure their team’s wellbeing is prioritised in a “post-pandemic era.”

Tips and strategies include: educating management teams; fostering an open and supportive culture; encouraging self-care as well as offering training and development.

It comes after a series of reports identified hospitality workers as some of the nation’s most vulnerable when it comes to mental health issues. In March 2023, Wildgoose revealed that 64% of those in the hospitality industry have experienced increasingly poor mental health at work over the past 12 months, compared to the previous year.

Emma Keeble, whose business Anchor People provides Mental Health First Aid training for hospitality businesses via Hospitality Action, said, “We are definitely getting better as an industry at putting our people’s wellbeing front and centre, but long, irregular hours, physically demanding shifts and ever-increasing customer demands continue to make hospitality a highly pressured environment.

“This guide gives managers tangible step-by-step resources to make a big difference to their teams’ mental health and wellbeing – which ultimately benefit teams and businesses alike.”

The guide is being launched as part of the Walk for Wellbeing campaign, a nationwide movement to help promote health and wellbeing within the hospitality industry.