I was looking forward to sitting down with Nvisible’s chairman Harvey Goldsmith CBE, our cover star this month, and he didn’t disappoint. 

There wasn’t a topic that the industry veteran didn’t have a ‘hot take’ on, and I was left re-evaluating my views on everything from the music industry to experiential. 

With events including Live Aid, the Prince’s Trust events and tours with bands including the Rolling Stones and Queen, I can think of no one better qualified. 

The piece comes at a time when Access, along with We Are The Fair and the NTIA, release a White Paper, The Political Economy of Informal Events – details of which are on our website. 

The report covers everything from sustainability and legislation to debunking the myth that events create crime.

For us, the benefits of this creative, technical, hardworking, rewarding and culturally significant industry are greatly under-appreciated. Our report proves this with statistics and observations from some pivotal figures including Mayor of Greater Manchester Andy Burham, DJ Norman Jay MBE and Kings Chambers barrister Sarah Clover. Hopefully it changes opinions in local government and helps you present a greater business case. 

As Mr Goldsmith puts it: “The thing about events is that they tend to reveal the overall level of vibrancy of a city’s culture. A city thrives when it can boast an active business centre, when people decide to feature its heritage – and when it holds events.”

How golden-era pioneer Harvey Goldsmith has stayed on the cutting edge