The Radical Film Network (RFN), a group of left-wing filmmakers, will be showcasing a range of new work at alternative exhibition spaces across Glasgow.

The University of Glasgow will be a focal point of the festival, which will take place over the May Day weekend.

“The 2016 Radical Film Network festival and unconference is a unique event and the first radical film event ever organised on this scale in Scotland,” said university lecturer and festival coordinator David Archibald. “The planned events will bring artists and activists in radical film culture into contact with an international community of world-class thinkers in the field to explore the current state of alternative film culture.

“We’ll screen films by artists and by trade unionists, we’ll organise talks and debates on many aspects of film culture, we’ll cycle across the city to outdoor screenings, and through it all we’ll demonstrate that there is life beyond the multiplex, that another cinema is not only possible, but that it’s here and it’s now, and it’s thriving.”

The RFN is has professional partnerships all over the world with more than 100 artists’ studios, production collectives and other organisations. The festival is also supported by a number of organisations within Scotland including Creative Scotland and the Scottish Trades Union Congress (STUC).