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Multihyphenate Frank Ocean yesterday (17 October) launched PrEP+, his entrance into the club scene via his Blonded label.

PrEP+, named after the HIV prevention drug (pre-exposure prophylaxis), is the first in a series of nights organised by Frank Ocean. the project is billed as: “an ongoing safe space made to bring people together and dance. PrEP+ will welcome globally celebrated DJs. PrEP+ welcomes everyone.”

French duo Justice were surprise guest performers at the event, although it’s reported that New York DJ and producer SXYLK’s set was cut short to accommodate them. “Justice was everything,” he told The Fader in an Instagram direct message, “but the party was lacking in actual queer underground DJs. Brooklyn is becoming the new Portland and industry heavyweights should run in the opposite direction.”

The special night was dedicated to what New York’s 80s and 90s club scene could have been if the HIV prevention drug PrEP had been invented during that time. The flyer for PrEP+ says “THE WORLD” at the bottom, which could be a reference to Manhattan’s East Village nightclub of the same name that closed down in 1991.

Frank Ocean published the house rules for the night on his Instagram.

  • No photos or videos are allowed
  • Consent is mandatory
  • Zero tolerance for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, ableism or any form or discrimination
  • The dance floor is for dancing

Frank Ocean also played what could be new music.