Formula E has been ranked as the ‘Best Total Performer’ in the 2022 Global Sustainability Benchmark in Sports (GSBS) annual report.

GSBS is an independent, not-for-profit organisation that analyses and benchmarks the sustainability performance of sports organisations through a science-driven and data-based process.

The study analysed more than 50 elite sports organisations of more than 300 invited to take part. Sports federations and leagues ranked in the report include the NFL, NBA, FIFA, Formula 1, UFC and WWE as well as various high-profile sports clubs.

Formula E achieved a record-breaking benchmark score to win Best Total Performance 2022. It was also ranked highest in three of the remaining four categories: Best Corporate Performance, Best Environmental Performance, and Best Governance Performance.

Formula E chief executive officer Jamie Reigle said, “Setting the global standard for sustainability in sport has been a core characteristic of Formula E since we began in 2014. We welcome the top ranking by GSBS as recognition for the dedication of our employees, teams and partners. We also acknowledge the efforts and achievements in sustainability by other major sports organisations around the world and welcome that progress. Together, we have the potential to engage billions of fans in the mission to combat climate change and make a positive difference to the lives of future generations.”

GSBS chief executive officer Christian Hartmann said, “Formula E impressed us at the GSBS on several levels. Overall, their corporate structure and processes reflect their commitment to sustainability. We assess a wide range of data points, environmental, social, governance, and business factors, and in each area, both the amount of data available and annual trends lead the industry. Sustainability is literally lived in Formula E, and the entire team’s dedication was felt throughout the audit process. In combination, this has resulted in Formula E receiving a GSBS Award in 4 out of 5 categories and we are looking forward to documenting the development in the years to come.”

Formula E is the only sport in the world to achieve net zero since inception and is a founding member of UNICEF’s Safe and Healthy Environment Fund, designed to help and educate children affected by climate change.

Ahead of the first race of season nine in Mexico City on 14 January, pre-season testing is underway in Valencia this week where the new Gen3 race car is on track for the first time. The Gen3 is described as the fastest, lightest, most powerful and efficient electric race car ever built.