Just two days after indoor venues were finally allowed to reopen and host concerts, the Government has updated its guidance regarding the wearing of face coverings to include entertainment venues such as theatres and concert halls.

The guidance reads, “You are expected to wear a face covering before entering any of these settings and must keep it on until you leave unless there is a reasonable excuse for removing it.”

“Employees of indoor settings” are among those not required to wear face coverings, and they are not required in restaurants with table service, bars, and pubs.

The guidance reads, “If other indoor premises have a café or seating area for you to eat and drink, then you can remove your face covering in this area only. You must put a face covering back on once you leave your seating area. If removing your face covering to eat or drink in an indoor premises with a café or designated seating area, then you can remove your face covering in this area only.”

The new ruling does not apply to Scotland, Wales, or Northern Ireland.

Read the latest Government guidance here.