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Social marketing agency EventsTag has launched ‘Social Gaming from EventsTag’, a new service offering marketers the opportunity to ‘gamify’ engagement at live events.

The platform collects content from live posts on social media and uses it to create games that can be displayed on screens at events.

A C&IT forecast found that ‘gamification’ is an increasingly popular event trend; with 63 per cent of event agencies using it to increase their events’ social engagement.

Examples of activations created by EventsTag include:

Keep It Up – a game where social posts are stacked in a column. When the volume of posts exceeds a certain level the whole audience unlocks a reward.

Social Slot Machine – Profile pictures are added to a slot game, which spins whenever new content is added. If a profile appears across three slot reels then a prize is unlocked.

Dan Strang, CEO of EventsTag, said: “Brands are increasingly seeking ways to make their events bigger, better and more impactful. We regularly get approached to help marketers ensure their social engagement mechanism stands out from the crowd.

“EventsTag Social Gaming provides a unique centrepiece for an event by acting as interactive entertainment. We know from our experience working with some of the world’s largest brands that having live social activations encourages deeper engagement from fans and greatly increases the return on investment for event marketers.”