Events at Club Chelsea has added a clause to its standard contract for clients that allows them to reschedule events free of charge, should they be disrupted due to Covid-19.

The new clause allows clients to request that their events be postponed. The postponements will be granted if lockdowns, travel restrictions or quarantines impact on the organisation or travel to an event. Clients will be able to reschedule free of charge as long as they re-book a new date that falls within six months of the original event date.

Chelsea Football Club’s Head of Venue and Development, Simon Hunter, said: “We are doing everything we can to give our clients flexibility at this uncertain time. We don’t know when COVID-19 restrictions will be lifted yet, and we may or may not be getting back to normal by the summer.

“Many of our clients still want to book events for the summer and into the autumn, because holding them will make sense if we are coming out the other side. But they need the confidence they will be able to reschedule free of charge if the current situation carries on for longer than expected. We hope our updated contract offers them the formal level of security they need to see.”

Events at Club Chelsea has already issued two of its updated contracts, and says clients are buying into the added flexibility.